09 Sep

Staying “Relevant” While Home with the Kids Makes Returning to Work a Little Easier

It's wise to stay "relevant" during the years you are home with your kids because returning to the workforce after years of unemployment is difficult for anyone, but even more challenging for Moms. Moms have to balance family, demanding carpool and activity schedules, homework, school volunteer requirements in addition to working. And employers know it. And many career Moms have admitted regretting giving up their careers, not because of their children, but because of how it changed their view of themselves or their earning potential. One well quoted Mom, Lisa Endlich Heffernan put it out there in a recent Huffington Post column because she knew she was not alone.

My tips for staying relevant:

  1. Stay up on business news, subscribe to online news services that deliver relevant industry or local business news directly to your In Box. Reading something news related keeps your head in the game and keeps you in the loop on whats taking place in your industry.
  2. Stay in touch with your past co-workers and make sure they know you've still got game.
  3. Continue building your network (Linked In, local business networks, industry specific networks) Watch this video for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VqDGcUw84E
  4. Be strategic about your volunteer work, select committees or responsibilities that look good on a resume (treasurer, fundraiser, marketing). How is your volunteer work applicable to your "work" work?
  5. Start a Work from Home business (direct sales, online, consulting) to keep your skills sharp, earn some money, build your resume, and maybe even be so successful you won't need to get a job.
  6. Get a part-time job.
  7. Find a recruiter. The right recruiter will believe in you as a candidate and want to work with you today, tomorrow or next yer.
  8. Build a support system so that when you do land a job transitioning into it is easier.
  9. Have two "go-to" professional outfits in your closet at all times so that attending meetings, networking events or future interviews is less stressful.
  10. Do what you love - you love being with your kids...but what do you love to do?  What fulfills you? Make sure this time around your career is as fulfilling as your home life Watch this video example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdXbbIu1vM

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