What it Means to Be a Mom Boss


What it Means to Be a Mom Boss

Nicole Feliciano is a “mom boss”, an entrepreneur and busy mom of two. For the last ten years she’s been sharing her personal finds and interests with like-minded moms on her site, MomTrends and has gathered other like-minded moms to her team along the way.

I recently met Nicole at the LA Baby Show where our MomAngeles team caught up with her on the Red Carpet (see video below) and I picked up a copy of her Mom Boss book while she was there, all about her journey to mom-evolved self-employment along with the stories of more than twenty other mom bosses across the country – all initiated out of a desire to be more accessible to their families while creating a fulfilling career for themselves. Moms like Kimberly Inskeep of Cabi, Brooke Stewart of Power Moms Network, and Holly Hanna of The Work at Home Woman.

“The book is a start-up guide to success for any woman who wants to launch a business after they have kids. Because things are different after you have kids…MomBosses manage their time and multi task better than anyone. Want to get something done?  Ask a working mom.” – Nicole Feliciano, MomTrends


Nicole includes a quiz to help you determine what kind of Mom Boss you are – Solo Artist, Brand Builder or Team Mom. It’s so refreshing to have someone break down these work for yourself opportunities along the same lines we do at MomFair.

As Solo Entrepreneurs many moms capitalize on their skill set to launch freelance or small business ops for themselves. These solo efforts often include blogging and social media. At MomFair, we believe the rise of the mom blog is based simply on two things – ease of launch (it’s an easy way to build a personal brand and voice with no overhead) and virtual management (can be done anytime, anywhere). Perfect for moms.

Nicole delves into Brand Builders – woman who launch recognizable products and brands like Zutano and Honest. These are moms with big picture aspirational goals who build teams and small businesses contributing to economic prosperity by hiring people.

I love that she devotes so much of her book to Team Moms. At MomFair, we are big fans of Direct Sales and Multilevel Marketing companies like Cabi, Rodan & Fields and Arbonne. These companies offer women a way to build a business without starting from scratch. Products and marketing programs are already developed and when you sign up you are instantly part of a team providing you advice and mentorship. For women who embrace and pursue these ops this can become a very lucrative income. The story of Jen the military wife who was able to build her Rodan & Fields business with every reassignment – the AirForce moved them every three years – is a powerful example of opportunity.

All of these mom bosses have learned to multi-task, work from anywhere, and squeeze every minute out of the day. I can totally relate. Just like the ladies in the book, my laptop goes with me every where and I know all the hot spots from here to my daughter’s school and back. I pull over and work from my car 20 minutes at a time on busy days. Saying no and making time for your family is also a part of the puzzle.

“It didn’t take long to realize that not every event or meeting is worth taking. I’ve learned to ask the right questions and take time to vet things before saying yes.” – Brooke Stewart of Power Moms Media

All these stories and examples are incredibly inspiring but starting at Chapter 15 Nicole tells how to do it. How to take those first steps, get established, get going.

This book was an incredibly useful read and I finished it in less than two hours! Toss it in your bag and read in the carpool lane, while Timmy is at soccer practice or when Sarah is napping. You will be glad you did!

I read this book AND wrote this review while on a plane to Atlanta to see my family for the holidays. I totally “mom bossed” it. Nicole would approve!

We can’t wait for Nicole to impart her wisdom to you at our MomFar LIVE! events in 2017 as part of our Author’s Series. Get her book online now on Amazon!

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