09 Nov

Shark Ninja and Bandolier Want Your Work Life Style To Be Easier

As busy working moms amenities, gadgets and a little style can make things easier. Having the right tools in the kitchen help you prepare for your day or makes lunches and dinner time a little easier. Our partners at Shark and Ninja understand that mom life is hectic which is why they create so many wonderful products to make your home chores a little easier and more enjoyable.

Stepping out the door with a polished look is also sometimes a challenge. Not everyone has natural effortless style.  Bandolier is here to help. Pop your iPhone 6 into their stylish carrying case and throw it over your shoulder and go. You won't lose your phone and you'll look sharp when wearing it!

When you attend MomFair LIVE! in Atlanta you are immediately entered to win one of these incredible prizes from our partners!

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08 Nov

What’s next? Planning Your Career Reentry After the Kids Are Off to College

Lots of things go way too fast. A cool glass of Chardonnay after a hard day, any vacation on any beach, and your kid's childhood.

Before you can begin to imagine it, they're graduating from diapers and then from high school. (There are a few years in between, but you get what I'm saying.)

Before you know it you've gone from mom to mom-of-a-budding-grownup and it's time to reimagine your life as a civilian again. My daughter is now in high school, I can see the finish line ahead. College is looming. And I'm nervous. That big existential question, "what the hell am I going to do with the rest of my life", now wakes me in the middle of the night.

It's time for me to restart my career.

I've continued to work, somewhat.  I've taken a string of part time and freelance gigs that allowed me to pick my daughter up from school, make it to volleyball games, school events and PTA meetings. But the time has now come for me to figure out what's next.

Are you a mom planning your career reentry? Well then, you're not alone. A 2010 study showed that over 90% of women who left the work force to parent full time, planned on one day returning to their careers.

But I'm not kidding myself, I know this reinvention won't be easy.

Do I try to return to my former field? Or do I make a fresh start in a whole new industry? (And frankly which one is easier and gets me a higher salary!)

All these questions are enough to make me have a full fledged panic attack.

Which is why I'm so thankful for MomFair.

I'm not going to panic, I'm going to prepare. MomFair delivers the resources and support I need to figure out my game plan. And they offer it at events - where I can network with like minded moms. Its a full day of speakers, sessions and super smart, supportive women helping you make that transition, and answer the questions you have about reentering the workforce.

Things like:

  • How do you create a Linkedin profile?
  • Do people even have resumes anymore?
  • What new skills do you need?

I'm going to take notes and connect with other soon-to-be-empty-nesters who are probably as nervous as I am at figuring out what their new work scenario looks like.

If you're an Empty Nester trying to navigate your own career reentry, join lots of other moms at MomFair LIVE! Atlanta on November 13, 2016. Whether you want to dust off your resume and renew your corporate career, work from home, launch your own business or make your head of household job a little easier, MomFair is the place to get started. Register today. 

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kelly trim mom fair atlanta 2016 momfair.com
05 Nov

Meet the Mom Fair Atlanta Speakers: Kelly Trim-Helping Women Entrepreneurs Find Their Dream Business

Today a staggering 50% of all small businesses in the US are owned by women and women are launching businesses at a rate of 1.5 compared to men. Process that for a minute. Female entrepreneurship is booming. For many women who have opted out of the 9-5 career path for family and flexibility, owning your own business is the key to managing your schedule.

Launching your own business is exciting, but take it from us, its a lot of work. Product and content development, marketing, operations, it can seem overwhelming. Which is why franchising is an incredibly appealing opportunity for so many women. After all, the business concept has already been developed and vetted for you. The infrastructure is in place and when you buy into a franchise you get a full team of support to help you establish and grow your business.

Enter Kelly Trim - a matchmaker of sorts, but don’t come to her looking for love. Kelly is a franchise consultant who matches entrepreneurs with the franchise business opportunity that’s the perfect fit for their expertise and lifestyle. Kelly is the Atlanta manager of client services for FranNet, a franchise consultancy that offer research and support at no cost to budding business owners. FranNet helps entrepreneurs through the maze of franchises to find their perfect business match.

Franchises. Are you imagining a fast food restaurant? Think again. Today, franchises exist in just about any industry. There are over 3,000 franchise concepts in the US, with businesses in over 300 different business categories. Clearly, there’s a franchise for any industry or service that appeals to you.

Kelly and her firm, FranNet, help guide people through the often overwhelming process of selecting a business. They offers expertise on thousands of franchise concepts, the pro’s and con’s of buying an existing business, funding options, and expertise on what franchises meet your own unique business and personal goals. 

Moms abandon the corporate ladder and become their own boss for a variety of reasons; to define their own career goals, gain more flexibility for themselves and their families, be in a more family friendly environment, and have the financial rewards of ownership.

Franchises offer a great mix of the corporate and small business structure. You can be your own boss yet still have the support, structure and processes of a franchise to back you up. 

Kelly points to the example of one newly minted entrepreneur. This mom, with a young daughter, wanted the flexibility to spend more time with her family yet still have a financially rewarding career. She now owns a thriving imprint franchise and has even brought her own mother in as her business partner. How’s that for a family friendly company.

Join Kelly Trim and franchise owner Mercedes Concepcion-Gray during their Franchising Skillshop at MomFair LIVE! Atlanta on November 13, 2016. Whether you want to dust off your resume and renew your corporate career, work from home, launch your own business or make your head of household job a little easier, MomFair is the place to get started. Register today. 

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