20 Sep

SheEO Offers an Innovative Funding Solution to Women Entrepreneurs

For women, getting funding in today's environment can seem challenging. Angel investors and VC firms, while stating that they want to fund more women owned businesses, are still asking the same questions to determine value and opportunity. The fact is that only 4% of venture capital funding goes to women. The venture community wants to invest in billion dollar opportunities, their end goal being to cash out upon exit. So if you're not building the next Facebook or Honest Company, where does that leave you for funding options?

Luckily there's a number of funding sources that are on the rise including Portfolia, Plum Alley and Golden Seeds, all focused on funding women owned businesses. This movement is happening because more women want to fund companies they want to see in this world. And women want to see more women leading the charge. There's also a new crowdfunding concept that recently launched in the US called SheEO. Led by Vicki Saunders, SheEO is two-decade long initiative to dramatically transform how we support, finance and celebrate female entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur committed to building businesses that have a positive impact on the world, Vicki Saunders has co-founded and run several companies, has used and received almost every kind of financing; debt, equity, government grants, foundation grants, public markets and crowdfunding and has been a passionate and committed mentor to over 1000 businesses in her career. Today she is leading the charge with SheEO a new kind of crowdfunding opportunity for women.

"SheEO’s Act of #radicalgenerosity initiative is the starting point in a two-decade long initiative to radically transform how we finance, support and celebrate female entrepreneurs." - Vicki Saunders

How it works: SheEO is establishing chapters all over the US, starting with Los Angeles. Denver and San Francisco. In each city SheEO raise a $1M fund by crowdsourcing $1000 from 1000 women. The women making the $1000 contributions become activators who get to evaluate and vote on the women-owned businesses applying for funding in their city. The businesses who the activators select (it gets narrowed down to 5 each year in each city) go to a retreat together where they receive mentoring and guidance from SheEO's experts. Those 5 companies benefit significantly not only from the funding they receive, but by the experience of bonding with and learning from each other. The funds these 5 companies receive is a loan that must be paid back to the fund, interest free, within 5 years. And, when those 5 companies are ready for their next round of funding they can go to the activators that funded them to find their next round of investment.

This $1M fund gets raised every year in every city by another group of 1000 women. Think of the impact! By doing this, SheEO is educating and and encouraging the growth of an investment mentality among women. Thats right - SheEO is teaching women how to invest and teaching entrepreneurs how to raise funding and utilize it wisely. Vicki calls this idea "radical generosity." Imagine raising a billion dollars for women by 2020.

To become a part of this movement or find out about opportunities in your city join the SheEO mailing list today.


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19 Sep

MomFair LIVE! Coming to General Assembly in Atlanta

MomFair LIVE! is hitting the road and heading to Atlanta. We will be hosting a full day event to help moms in Atlanta rediscover their careers. If you are a mom looking to rediscover your career, launch a new business, find a more flexible job solution or work from home MomFair LIVE! is for you. Our experts, coaches and mentors will be gathering under one roof to provide you with the specific information you need to move forward in your career path.

The event takes place on Sunday, November 13 at General Assembly, a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. We couldn't imagine a more perfect location for our first East Coast event as education and skill development are the cornerstone of our efforts. General Assembly will be leading some of the Skillshops at our event in addition to hosting. If you aren't familiar with General Assembly, they are the leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, they foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love. As individuals and companies struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, General Assembly provides award-winning, dynamic training to close the global skills gap. They have campuses in 15 cities and over 25,000 graduates worldwide.

Our keynote speakers are Daryn Kagan and Joyce Bone. Daryn Kagan is a published author and former CNN News Anchor. Daryn’s new book Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor's Thoughts On Losing Her Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always My Dog shares the story of how a1er 12 incredible years as a CNN anchor and reporter, traveling the world covering current affairs and interviewing the likes of Bono, her contract wasn’t renewed and she had to pick up the pieces. She launched DarynKagan.com (a good news site) and a syndicated newspaper column, produced an award winning documentary and is now sharing that story with our moms. @DarynKagan

Joyce Bone is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant. Joyce empowers business owners to grow their business. Her experHse is helping others shi1 from overwhelm into empowerment. She advises clients on idenHfying and zeroing in on the work that creates huge gains for their companies. @JoyceBone

We are still booking speakers and sponsors for Atlanta and we welcome suggestions. You can buy tickets online now. This event has limited space so buy your tickets now!

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The Fab Mom Jill Simonian CBSLA
01 Sep

MomFair Quoted on CBSLA with The Fab Mom’s Jill Simonian

Jill Simonian, also known as The Fab Mom (and one of our MomFair LIVE! hosts) recently shared some of our tips for moms who want to re-enter the workforce with her audience at CBSLA where she does a weekly parenting segment. See our tips below. Jill also recommends spending 15 minutes a day at rebuilding your network and relaunching your career. Finding the time is key. Also check out Nicole Feliciano of MomTrends new book Mom Boss: Balancing Entrepreneurship, Kids & Success. Read Jill's post on The Fab Mom.  

Here's an excerpt from our interview with Jill. She shared some of these tips on CBS and on her site.

Where should I start if I'm looking for some kind of career change from what I did before kids?  Our MomFair site and Facebook feed are a great place to start. We review, evaluate and share information from many career resources and experts.

Should I be scared of the resume gap? How do I explain it?  Don't be afraid of it - embrace it. You did productive things during those years at home with your kids. You led committees at school, managed community gatherings, and organized charity events. Find a way to represent that on your resume - list your skills. Skills are most important to recruiters and hiring managers. Look through Linked In at other people's resumes and get ideas. And set up your own profile immediately. Use a professional looking headshot - no kids in it and not one from a family vacation. Fill out the profile fully - volunteer efforts, college, associations. Then see where you have "gaps" and be creative (but honest) in how you fill those in. The first place everyone looks to know more about your and what you offer professionally is Linked In. Still stumped?  Reach out to us at MomFair and we will help.

Best resources for flexible work? #1 is FlexJobs. Its worth the monthly subscription fee because they qualify all of their listings. Companies do not pay to be listed on their site. We also like Power to Fly (for tech) and Work at Home Mom Revolution (get on her email list and follow her on twitter).

Best classes for skills development? General Assembly and Skillcrush. For a minimal investment of time and money you can develop a new skill that can get you hired!


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work at home mom revolution
01 Sep

Work at Home Mom Revolution

Work at Home Mom Revolution posts regularly about jobs that moms can do from home. Lisa Mills started the site in 2007 to help moms find the best resources out there. From freelance writing, to flex work to product ad service companies your can run form your home, Lisa keep moms updated on a variety of options. Lisa recently wrote  and published an ebook, which is available on Amazon.com, about starting a general transcription career from home. called Jump-Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career: The Fast and Easy Way to Get Started!.  It’s filled with the tips and tricks she's  learned (often the hard way) over her eight-plus year career in general transcription. Lisa herself is a work from home mom. She says "I’ve been working at home since I got my first computer back in the ’90s.  I’ve done a little bit of everything to make money from home, including selling on eBay, running an online used bookstore at Amazon.com, day trading stocks online, freelance writing, and publishing websites."

We recommend following her on PinterestFacebook and twitter for daily updates on opportunities for moms. Or subscribing to her newsletter.

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