02 Jun

Top 10 Tips to Help Working Moms Manage Their Time Better

Moms - raising a family is an all-consuming job in itself with making lunches, carpool, managing in-school and after school activities, volunteering at school, managing your social schedule (ha! we wish), the grocery shopping, making dinner, doing the laundry and getting the dogs to the vet, its just the tip of the iceberg. Adding work into all of that seems near impossible. Or doing it all seems near impossible. Here's some tips we have for making life seem more manageable.

Number 1: "Do What You Can Do" Be realistic about the goals you can accomplish in a morning, in a day, in a week. And be forgiving of yourself. As Moms we "do what we can do."

Number 2: Make lists and split up the lists into categories or days. It makes everything you have to do seem more manageable. Then dole them out throughout the week.

Number 3: Accomplish 3 things every day. It's that simple. Pulling from your To Do lists, decide on 3 things that you HAVE to complete that day. And if you have time to finish your "3 things" for the next day then kudos to you!  That's an extra accomplishment.

Number 4: Delegate. You don't have to do everything. Find ways to pass off tasks to other people. Need to clean out your garage? Post specific tasks on Task Rabbit and have someone else help you sell off things item by item or hire a personal organizer to clean out your garage and get it ready for a garage sale. Pay both people with the money you earn from selling items in your garage.

Number 5: Accept that its ok if your laundry sits in the dryer for 3 days before you have time to fold it and put it away. Laundry can be folded while watching tv. Use the time you would have spent folding laundry to check one other item off your "3 things" list.

Number 6: Get the kids to help. Feeling like you aren't spending enough quality time with your kids? You don't have to cook dinner alone. Have them help you roll meatballs, add ingredients to a salad or set the table.

Number 7: Proximity is key. We love Samantha Ettus suggestion of the "golden triangle" - run your errands in the geographical "triangle" between home, school and work.

Number 8: Take advantage of the internet. Dry cleaners deliver. So do restaurants. And guess what - so does Vons. You can place orders for almost everything in your household online. Set up an Amazon Prime account and order everything online. For $85 a year you can save yourself a lot of time and gas money by NOT running errands. And with an Amazon Prime account you also get free access to their streaming content (movies and tv shows).

Number 9: Take turns with your husband on the weekend. Finding me time is especially hard for working parents. You should both commit to taking your kids for a playdate, team sport or birthday party on the weekend while the other spouse does something for themselves. Run one errand on the way back. Then switch!

Number 10: Sleep. If you are too tired to think straight, you will not be able to implement our time-saving tips bc you'll be too foggy to think about all the things you need to do. Plus sleep helps lower stress. (PS - did you know there are sleep studies that show that getting the right amount of sleep affects belly fat...yup, higher levels of cortisol...caused by stress, leads to belly fat.)

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