30 Sep

Bring Diapers for Baby2Baby and Get a Gift from The Pump Station and Honest Co.

baby2baby-logo-150x150There are thousands of women in Los Angeles looking for ways to return to work and many of them are in less fortunate situations. But luckily there are organizations around, like Baby2Baby who can help Moms in their quest to support their families. A new pack of diapers or a clean shirt for their child can relieve the stress of basic everyday needs that allow a mother to get through her day and a child to go to school without shame or embarrassment. How can you help? Bring a donation of a new pack of diapers or gently used clothing, books, bedding, toys, car seats and strollers to the event. Baby2Baby, The Pump Station & Nurtury and MomAngeles will be collecting your donations at the event. As a thank you, the first 100 Moms to bring a donation will receive a little gift from The Pump Station and  Honest Co. 

Baby2Baby supplies Los Angeles families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for their children up to age 12. By distributing new and gently used items to over 50 non-profit organizations including homeless and domestic violence shelters, Head Start programs and hospitals, Baby2Baby serves over 67,000 children each year.

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29 Sep

#MomFair Mommy Monday

It's #MomFair Mommy Monday where we want to hear from all of you! Post on our Facebook pagetweet us and comment here about your experiences in returning (or attempting to return) to work, your current work situation, how you are managing busy schedules, your dream job, the best part of your work day, the worst part of your work day, what you love(d) about being a stay at home Mom (SAHM), what you think about this post on Little Pink Book.  You name it, we want to hear it!  And if you are on Instagram, send us pictures of what your day is like! Be sure to include #MomFair in your posts.

pink bookWe've been so inspired by all of the media attention on this topic lately, including this post from Little Pink Book that we wanted to have you all chime in!  Opting In and Out, How to Create the Best of Both Worlds for Working Moms: "There’s a generation of middle-aged women returning to the workforce – some bitterly. Why? Years ago, they “opted out” to stay home with their children. Now, they are looking to return – only to be offered fractions of their former salaries and little to no prestige. Mayanne Downs, city attorney for the City of Orlando and shareholder at GrayRobinson law firm, knows why these women opted out and is doing her best to make sure the women at her firm aren’t pressured to do the same. READ MORE..."


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28 Sep

Meet One-On-One with Recruiters

Finding the right recruiter to help you get back into the game can be challenging. But TheMomFair is bringing them to you! Bring your resume to the event and sign-up for a time to talk with one of our recruiters or buy a VIP ticket to guarantee your time slot.  Who are the recruiters?

About MomCorps: Mom Corps is a WBENC certified professional talent acquisition and career development firm. Companies of all sizes trust Mom Corps as their go-to resource for finding experienced professionals. We help these companies leverage our loyal talent network of over 150,000 candidates, their networks of like-minded individuals, and traditional recruiting methods to find high-caliber talent for their organizations. We attract, educate and place candidates seeking greater work-life satisfaction. Our approach has been recognized in the news media (TODAY Show, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes) and awarded on a national level (Ernst & Young Winning Women, Working Mother, Inc. 500|5000, Conference Board). Reach their LA Office

About JVS: In these challenging times, JVS is dedicated to helping people overcome barriers to employment in order to find stable jobs and support their families. A job is more than a paycheck—it is the key to dignity, self-sufficiency, and independence. It is the chance to get back on your feet or start anew and become, once again or for the first time, a contributing member of the community.

Jewish Vocational Service was founded in the early 1930’s in response to the Great Depression. The clients coming through the agency’s doors today are facing similar problems: an overcrowded job market, limited resources, and the urgent need to provide for their families. As you can see, JVS has been down this road before and we bring decades of experience, extensive community partnerships and a wealth of resources to those in need of a helping hand; everyone from professionals to refugees.

With 18 training and counseling centers across Southern California, JVS is able to help nearly 30,000 people from all faiths and circumstances. We also work with city, state and government agencies, as well as other non-profits, to ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need.

At the core of JVS’ programs is a comprehensive range of Career Services, which help people assess their skills and interests, refine their job search skills, match them with the right career options or assist them to transition to a new career. These tools can be used for long term planning or short term solutions, and apply to everyone, from at-risk youth to people with disabilities to downsized professionals and seasoned executives. We also offer specialized training for entry level positions in a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare and green technology, as well as innovative mentoring programs. In addition, JVS assists refugee and immigrants with specialized services, including acculturation, placement and training.


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26 Sep

2013 Working Mother 100 Best Companies

The “2013 Working Mother 100 Best Companies” list is out today, and, as always, it is a reflection of both the importance and the limitations of the of the ongoing effort to make the workplace more flexible and accommodating.

The importance is clear. Since the list was first created 28 years ago, it has been a badge of honor for a growing number of companies who want to be seen as among the good guys when it comes to women (more recently, parents) and work. As Karyn Twaronite, partner of Ernst & Young LLP and the EY Americas Inclusiveness Officer (EY has been on the list for 17 years and this year is once again among the Top 10) told me in an interview: “We want to be the most progressive firm for working moms. We take that very seriously. We want to stay as competitive as possible to attract and retain the best talent.”  READ MORE...

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26 Sep

BookFair at TheMomFair Hosted by Books & Cookies

Be sure to stop by The Book Fair hosted by Books & Cookies and pick up copies of books by our speakers including Samantha Ettus, Lian Dolan, Chudney Ross and Sarah Maizes plus lots of top children's book titles. Be sure to visit PJ Library and find out about how your kids can receive monthly books delivered to your doorstep.  Also discover JKidLA a terrific resource for all things Jewish for kids in Los Angeles.

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diane laughing-620x270
26 Sep

Entrepreneurship, Divorce and Parenthood. How I “Do It?”

My career involves mentoring, inspiring and empowering women. Sometimes I get asked where I find my own motivation, how do I stay positive and how do I manage  running a start-up company while being a divorced mom of three girls. Here is part of the answer to that question:

I have my own support system that includes coaches, family  and friends. I find that girl friends are SO important. Having founded a Social Selling company, II talk to other folks in the Direct Sales owners circle. We share ideas and discuss potential pitfalls. I even pick up the phone and call direct competitors. I feel that we are collectively better when the industry is strong.

I exercise often.  Cardio and walks help clear my head. If you friend me on Facebook, you will see the regular replay of my Spotify BootyShake playlist that keeps me moving!  I do weights to feel strong and I get regular massages to relieve stress. I spend each morning reading for a few minutes before I wake the girls, sometimes business books and sometimes pleasure (right now I am reading Night Circus -fun- and Multipliers - biz).

Sometimes I forget to feed the dogs and I try not to become too annoyed when the kids ask for more pets. I try to keep First Things First and I prioritize. My daughters help a lot. I cannot say enough about how wonderful these three little ladies are. They love me unconditionally and treat me well.

I have a growing team of women around the country, the Winnie & Kat Independent Stylists, who believe in my crazy dream. These women are out there promoting the company, creating their own businesses and sharing the opportunity. They each work the business in their own way and they help me to grow as a leader and as a person.

I need to make difficult decisions sometimes and sometimes I get lonely, but that’s ok. I find that being in my 40’s, I am able to ease up on myself and it helps that I am not a perfectionist. I look at life this way: We’re here, so let’s make the most of it. Follow your dreams and take risks. Ask for help when you need it. Take big leaps because, outside of your comfort zone, that’s where you’ll find the magic.*

*The magic part is borrowed from Independent Stylist, Meredith Carpenter. I love it!

Diane Prince Johnston Founder and CEO Winnie & Kat 310.924.0171 Successes through Dresses http://www.linkedin.com/in/dianeprincejohnston http://www.facebook.com/winnieandkatsocialselling

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23 Sep

TheMomFair On-Air with Kristin Cruz of KOST 103.5 FM

We had such a fun time Sunday morning chatting with Kristin Cruz of KOST 103.5 FM on her show The Sunday Journal about MomAngeles and TheMomFair and why we launched this site and events. If you didn't get a chance to listen to it (it was bright and early on Sunday) here's a brief recap below and online.

"Motherhood is a full time job and includes managing the household, multiple schedules, carpools, planning and preparations and keeping the family stocked and supplied with gear, gadgets, clothing, school supplies and so much more. Working in addition to all the above, well, lets just say working Moms are our superheroes. Its a lot to do! Add to the above list childcare. Just working that out in itself is a challenge.

If you need help, and I think we could all use alittle help, then please check out The MomFair and tell your mommy friends about it too! I know Laura and MomAngeles are all about helping the community. They give back and their focus is on making life better for women. That makes a happy life for kids, dad, and the whole family, right? Starting with mom, let's help her out now!..."

Read more: http://www.kost1035.com/pages/publicaffairs.html?article=11669294#ixzz2fkDQMeeP

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20 Sep

UrbanSitter Providing Childcare at The Event

For those Moms who have little ones they need close by, UrbanSitter will provide sitter services during the event. We have booked a small room right next to the ballroom where their sitters will keep an eye on your little ones to include a baby gate, sign-in / out, and story time with Books & Cookies. You must RSVP for sitter services when you buy your ticket. If you have already bought your ticket go back to the registration form and register for Sitter Services.  www.themomfair.com/tickets

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18 Sep

Should Women Try To Have It All?

For those of you who were up fairly early this morning (who sleeps in anymore), you got to catch an interesting discussion of how women seem to be disappearing in the workplace, the higher the job level, by Debora Spar, the president of the all-female Barnard College. She was on the show to talk about the issue of balance in women's lives as discussed in her new book "Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection." Check it out!

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17 Sep

Nia Vardalos on Mom2.0

Love this post from Mom2.0 RE: Nia Vardalos Mom 2.0 was excited to welcome one of the greatest story tellers of our generation, Nia Vardalos. Nia started off her time at Mom 2.0 talking about her obstacles breaking into the business, “Stuff happens to us and we all have a story.” Like the shocking moment her agent decided she wouldn’t continue working with Nia because she was wasn’t pretty enough to be a leading lady and not fat enough to be a character actor. She struggled to find other agents to represent her because she was told there just weren’t any Greek parts available. “So,” Nia said, “I’m just going to create one.” This was the start of writing the script, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Her dad really does use windex to cure everything. Her aunt really does have a bump on her shoulder she thinks is her twin. She simply told her story. She wrote the screenplay for My Big Fat Greek wedding in 6 weeks. “Ideas come to us just like this,” she said snapping her fingers,“but then we have to work on the them and hone them in.”   READ MORE ON MOM2.0

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