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5 Women's Career Conferences You Don't Want to Miss This Year

The market is suddenly bursting with women's events, so we thought we'd distill the noise and narrow it down to our Top 5 Women's Career Conferences in the upcoming year. These conferences offer women a variety of means for career advice, networking, mentorship and education. Here is our list of the top 5 we would attend this year. For a larger list of career related conferences visit The Muse.   Mobilizing the Power of Women, a Summit by Ellevate Network: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 The full day conference will feature some of the brightest minds in business and in diversity and inclusion for inspirational discussions that will lead to clear take-aways about what you, as an individual, can do today in your career, your company and your life to create change. The inaugural event features some stellar speakers including Read More


5 Flexible Work Options to Pursue This Year

There’s nothing like the arrival of Spring to get you reassessing the various aspects of your life. From being a better partner, mother, and yes, professional, a new year is the clean slate that can help inspire you to craft the career (and life) you’ve always wanted. But let’s say that your days of a full-time, in-office, 9-5 job are over. Does that mean you have to face a killer commute again and run the risk of not being able to attend your child’s mid-day writing celebration? Not at all. In fact, there are many types of flexible work options to pursue that can give you the financial freedom you seek, the opportunity to do something that you love professionally, and the ability to still be the loving and involved mom you want to be. If you’re looking for a new job in the new year, here are five flexible work options to consider.   Remote Work If you want to be able to work from your home office (and not have to trek into a traditional...

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Why We Changed Our Name to Métier

After 3 years, 6 conference, 80 speakers and 400 attendees talking with women about their careers - we had an 'aha' moment. Métier is the result. Everyone needs a coach. Don't go it alone. Métier is here to help. Join our email list to be the first in the know when we officially launch our offering. @HelloMetier

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